Areas of expertise


Innovation-driven lectures at various organizations (universities, business schools, private companies, public organizations, associations, other consultancy organizations)

Conducting national and international researches 

Analyzing and presenting research results in form of articles, reports, studies and monographs.


Organizing, planning and coordinating seminars / learning programs for corporate clients and public organizations

Organizing and coordinating learning trips in Malta and other countries

Holding scientific conferences uniting experts from scientific world, business and public organizations (Triple Helix Relationship) 

Leading corporate clients in enterprise visits in order to enhance clients’ expertise in the areas of Innovation, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Financial Diagnostics 

Projects with partners

Participating as a partner in various education and scientific projects

Assisting clients in the application for national and EU-level projects 

Consulting and assisting clients in marketing and communication campaigns

Contributing with expertise to recruitment processes and trainings of other organizations


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