Learning trip to Vietnam

22nd of November / 3rd December 2015, Vietnam

The learning trip to Vietnam ‘Driving Financial Sustainability in Emerging Markets: the Case of Vietnam’

The strategic target of this trip was to present Lithuanian corporate clients (who operated in Finance Departments of companies from various business sectors) the ongoing trends of business development in the emerging market of Vietnam. The seminar was organized by a Lithuanian Partner organization ‘Mokymų Ekspertai’, while GILE Experts Limited was in charge of all the teaching/ educational activities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi: theoretical lectures, presentation of life companies’ cases, moderating a mini learning session with Đặng Ngọc Quý (Sales Director of laser company ‘Namson’), and the discussions on the dynamics of entrepreneurship in Vietnam with Lýõng Minh Huân (a leader of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor of Vietnam, Deputy Director of Enterprise Development Foundation (EDF) and a member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)). GILE Experts Limited implemented a necessary learning ecosystem for this trip in order exchange the business experience and ‘know how’ as well as to develop both, a lacking knowledge in the expansion to Vietnam (how to make business in the emerging Far East market) and new partnerships among participant companies.

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