Culture, Service Development and Innovation: Peculiarities of Family Business in Sicily

Holistic Learning Program, Sicily 17th - 24th December 2023)

Service innovation and culture, Sicily

Sicily (17th – 24th December 2023)


Sicilian entrepreneurs and Innovation specialist Dr. Mindaugas Lauzikas (France, Malta, Lithuania) are inviting their corporate clients to the learning program ‘Culture, service development and innovation: peculiarities of family business in Sicily’.

The learning program is oriented to entrepreneurs, artists, leaders of creative industries, and managers of private service companies. The learning program helps develop or improve business development and innovation management competences which are critical in driving sustainable growth. It will focus on important links between culture and business and will open new horizons for service innovations and new holistic creative projects.

The program of the seminar will contain of:

  • 12 hours’ teaching (focused on commercialization of service innovations, development of creative industries, and the specificity of family business)
  • 2 hours’ enterprise visit
  • Two days’ interactive debates/ exploratory research on the Sicilian market, its cultural and social norms, and main impacts on service innovations.

The first day seminar will be led by Sicilian entrepreneurs (6 hours).

It will refer to service culture in Sicily, the role of cultural and social norms and main trends of family business.

The seminar will tackle the following aspects:

  • Investment potential in Sicily
  • Family business peculiarities
  • Services innovation and its links to culture
  • Main development trends and challenges.

The second day of the program will be centered on service innovation and development trends of creative industries. Dr. Mindaugas Lauzikas (6 hours) will lead the seminar “The impacts of service innovations and its links to culture”.

Mindaugas Lauzikas will discuss the following aspects:

  • Innovation commercialization and management of changes: effectiveness and efficiency of entrepreneurial activities
  • Business intelligence and monitoring models in innovative business
  • Service innovations and sustainability
  • Links between culture and business
  • Development of creative industries in Sicily.

Another day of the program is dedicated to an enterprise visit, which should better illustrate the connection between culture and service innovation. The participants will meet two Sicilian entrepreneurs.

2 days of the program will be spent on interactive debates and brainstorming on cultural and social norms of the Sicilian market, while trying to identify investment opportunities for foreign corporate clients.

Sunday 17th December 2023: arrival

Sunday 24th December 2023: departure

The price of the program is 850 Euros for double occupancy (for those who agree to share a room with other participant)

And 1000 Euros for single occupancy (who prefer to stay in a single room)

The price includes:

  • Airport transfer
  • 2 exploration trips with the group
  • 7 nights’ accommodation at traditional townhouses in Sicily
  • 2 days of seminars (12 hours)
  • 1-day enterprise visit/ meeting Sicilian entrepreneurs
  • 2 days of interactive debates on the Sicilian market
  • The conference room, the teaching equipment and material
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and evening extra activities are not included in the price.

After the online registration to the program we encourage you to pay 50% deposit within a 10- day period (the number of the available places in the learning program are limited). You will receive the information with our account details after your registration / the rest (50%) of the fee must be paid latest 4 weeks before the learning program begins.

For people living in Sicily: If you prefer to attend two seminars of 12 hours (6+6), the price reads 350 Euros. Register and transfer the money latest 2 weeks before the learning program begins.

You may register or receive the additional information on the learning program sending us an email to:

Information is also provided by telephone: +35679000810

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